Schwengber Soares Advogados
On December 01, 1972, in Venâncio Aires, Rio Grande do Sul, the today called SchwengberSoaresAdvogados – SSA – was born, having a general commitment, as required, with a business vocation as a result of its accounting origin.
With a justifying demand, and growing, in April 1974, the exercise of law became a collective process and, as a consequence of our conviction of the business growth, the first unit was opened on January 03, 1977, located at # 494, Tiradentes Street, which is our headquarter.
Finally, in September, 1980 our aptitude for business advisory services became unique. The economic plans and the market’s opportunities determined the establishment of both units in Porto Alegre, in 1995 and Santa Cruz do Sul in 2001, in Rio Grande do Sul.
Aware to the social and economic situation, SchwengberSoaresAdvogados, has specialized its aptitude for business advisory services, devoted to offering safe and fast solutions, combining value to businesses and also highly flexible to the new scenario, which the economy and politics have been going through.
Always present to watch resolution designation and the client’s interest, highly praising the knowledge, humanization of principles and respect and devotion to God, as a foundation for balance.