Clay Shirky on institutions vs. collaboration

“We are in a world where most American citizens over the age of 12 share things with each other online.” — Clay Shirky

In this prescient 2005 talk, Clay Shirky shows how closed groups and companies will give way to looser networks where small contributors have big roles and fluid cooperation replaces rigid planning.


Gary Kovacs: Tracking the trackers

"[I am] not even two bites into breakfast, and there are already nearly 25 sites that are tracking me. I have navigated to a total of four.” (Gary Kovacs)

As you surf the Web, information is being collected about you. Web tracking is not 100% evil -- personal data can make your browsing more efficient; cookies can help your favorite websites stay in business. But, says Gary Kovacs, it's your right to know what data is being collected about you and how it affects your online life. He unveils a Firefox add-on to do just that.


Sheena Iyengar: How to make choosing easier

"The typical Walmart today offers you 100,000 products.” (Sheena Iyengar)

We all want customized experiences and products -- but when faced with 700 options, consumers freeze up. With fascinating new research, Sheena Iyengar demonstrates how businesses (and others) can improve the experience of choosing.


Sheena Iyengar studies how people choose (and what makes us think we're good at it). Full bio »

Martin Seligman on positive psychology

"[Psychology] should be just as concerned with building strength as with repairing damage.” (Martin Seligman)

Martin Seligman talks about psychology -- as a field of study and as it works one-on-one with each patient and each practitioner. As it moves beyond a focus on disease, what can modern psychology help us to become?


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