Our Company

Our Purpose

  • We generate and implement tailor-made solutions in order to increase the value of your company.
  • We are in the networking of knowledge and business expertise. We connect proven executives and specialists with long and successful careers in several countries, and top professional local organizations committed to providing affordable expertise to partner with our clients.
  • We firmly believe small and medium companies are the main responsible for economic development and improving people’s lives. We also believe there is a vast learning accumulated by top professionals and organizations committed to making it accessible and affordable to those companies.
  • We are ultimately in the networking of business winners, and our clients are part of it.

Our Clients

Our clients aim at the sustainable growth of the value of their enterprises. It may be either a small business still requiring nurturing or a seasoned medium company, but "growth" is certainly part of the DNA, however.

Maybe, despite your best efforts and even the availability of capital, your business became stagnant through the last years. You need a new vision, ideas and provocative perspectives.

Sometimes, you know what to do, but you need strategic partners who will bring in technology, or brand, or access to new markets.
Our clients are open for new markets, for joining forces in strategic partnerships, developing alliances and implementing new ways of working. They will acquire other companies or go into equity alliances if this means to continue expanding their businesses.

Our clients are not free of problems; quite the opposite. For some of them, the central concern is to prepare the succession, to bring in the best practices of governance that will enable access to capital markets, eventually. In other cases the primary concerns refer to declining sales, cash flow generation, brand image issues, company reputation, processes efficiency or leadership development. Competition is gaining ground and profit margins are increasingly tighter. You feel the impact of the new technologies and urge to differentiate yourself from other companies.
Sometimes they have grown so fast, that there has been a lack of attention to additional capital requirements or proper support processes.

You fight to win, and you are used to be a winner. You are not interested in just surviving.

Value Proposition

  • TGPW is committed to the sustainable growth in the value of your company.
  • We focus on medium-sized firms, mostly.
  • We work for your company to differentiate and sustain a competitive position, visible in their results.
  • We are your partner in implementation.
  • You count on executives with a proven track record of results, extensive experience in developing and implementing strategies and management companies, and large networks, in Brazil and abroad.
  • Our Vision

    Every customer will consider us as a partner for real and will recommend our company to any company aiming for a sustainable growth of its value.

    Our Values

    The following order of core values will guide the behavior of every one of us:


    Do the right thing and behave according to the highest personal and professional ethical standards.


    Be a true partner to our clients, promoting transparency, confidentiality and pursuing to exceed our clients' expectations with passion and persistence.


    Share the knowledge and rely on each other, promoting a culture of diversity, excellence and innovation.


    Create sustainable value.


    Create value for our clients, partners, associates and shareholders. Always.

    Our Inspiration

    We select the right combination of experienced people and Partner organizations to develop and implement solutions to increase the value of your business.

    Your Business,
    Your Vision,
    Our Mission to Accomplish.
    Partners in the Execution.